Legal Consultation

5400 yen / 30 minutes (including tax)

Please make a reservation for legal consultation first if you seek to retain a legal attorney.

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Retainer & Contingency Fee

Fee Bylaws of Law Office of Makiko Ishii (Excerpt)

Retainer (Excluding Tax) (yen) Contingency Fee (Excluding Tax) (yen)
Divorce Negotiation 150,000 150,000

+Contingency Fee

In-court Mediation 300,000 300,000

+Contingency Fee

Law Suit 400,000 400,000

+Contingency Fee

Civil Law Suit Amount demanded (Within 3,000,000) 8% of the amount demanded 16% of the amount approved by court
Criminal Case 300,000~ 300,000~


Fee (Excluding Tax) (yen)
Draw up a Will 150,000~
Contracts and Other Legal Documents Japanese-English translation 40 / letter
English-Japanese translation 50 / word
Prepare a contract (in English) 70,000~
Review a contract (in English) 30,000~
Advisory Contract 50,000~ /month